As Seen on ESPN: “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Playing Tips from TPC Myrtle Beach

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From Season 2, Episode 6 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN, show host Charlie Rymer visits TPC Myrtle Beach to offer some more playing tips. In this segment, he’s helping you out with the “fried egg” bunker lie, and also with the ball sitting in deep rough as you face a bunker carry. Check it out!

Nothing beats golf in Myrtle Beach! I’m showing off and playing some of our best courses all while giving you some advice for your game. This is Charlie’s Golf Tips!

Welcome back to the Charlie Rymer Golf Show! Now normally this is a happy show, but I’m going to show you something really sad. Come on and check this out. Fried egg. That’s really intimidating, isn’t it? But it shouldn’t be. Three things to remember when you hit a shot like this. Number one, put the ball up in your stance a little bit. Number two, keep your club face square. Number three, don’t be afraid to hinge your wrist and hit hard as you can down into the sand driving the club in behind a ball.
Yeah. Now we’re back to being a happy show!

I got myself in a pretty tough situation here, all sitting down in the rough a little bit. I got a big bunker. I’ve got to carry. Green’s sitting up high above me. But guess what, folks? I’m not going to freak out because I know how to hit this shot. It’s just like hitting a bunker shot. All I’m going to do is get my club face wide open and I’m going to intentionally hit this shot fat just like you’re hitting it out of the bunker. This ball will ride out of this grass. Come in nice, high and soft, no big deal. Comes in nice and soft. Give that a shot, might work for you.

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