Charlie Rymer Shows Us How to Hit the Stinger at Founders Club

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On one of the Hammock Coast Golf Trail’s memorable finishing holes, Charlie Rymer shows how the 18th hole at Founders Club at Pawleys Island is a great place to hit a stinger off the tee – if you know how to execute it. “The Big Timer” is here to show us how it’s done!

Charlie Rymer:
Man, what a beautiful finishing hole at the 18th here at Founders Club, and the green is so skinny, that three-tier green is, it sits in around the pond. The real key is playing that second shot from the fairway, and this tee shot to me just screams stinger. So how do you hit the stinger? I got three things for you folks. First and foremost, ball position. I’m going to put this ball a little behind the buttons in my shirt, a pretty good ways back in my stance because I want this ball to launch low, and hit and kick up dust when it lands in the fairway. And the really cool thing about the stinger is if you miss it, it doesn’t get very far out of play. A bad mishit’s still going to be in the fairway for me here.

So back in the stance behind the buttons, and then once you get into your swing, two things I got for you to remember. I want you to set your hands as early as you feel comfortable doing, put them in a cast. If you start releasing your hands in that downswing, you’re adding loft and it’s going to defeat the purpose of trying to hit that stinger, it’s going to get the ball up in the air. So back in the stance behind the buttons in my shirt, will set my hands and put them in a cast. And that ball’s going to run a good 40 or 50 yards right down the middle of this fairway. Practice this stinger, I think you’ll end up liking it!

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