Charlie Rymer’s “Window of Opportunity” at Founders Club at Pawleys Island’s No. 6 Hole

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Charlie Rymer made a stop by the par-5 6th hole at Founders Club, where he introduces you to his “magic window pane” method of maximizing the opportunity provided on this hole! Give this a try next you are faced with a tough tee shot.

Charlie Rymer:

It’s go time here on the six hole at Founders Club. Long par five as you’ve seen, and it’s really a nice hole to go ahead and let the shaft out and try to maximize that distance. I think the best way, in this day and age, to maximize the distance is to elevate the ball and increase your carry yardage. I’ve got a really cool way to do that!

I want you to visualize about 10 yards out, about that high up in the air, a magic window pane suspended in the air. We’ll get back to the ball, and as I look at this shot, I know if I can crack the glass in that window pane, I’ve got it right in the middle of the fairway in my mind, and it will launch really high and that’s going to help me have as much carry as I can get.

Naturally, what I’m going to do when I look up at that window pane, is I’m going to give myself a little spine tilt. I’m going to set my weight a little farther to the right, and I’m just going to hang on that right side a little bit. That’ll elevate this ball, bust that glass, and give me a really long drive. It had six panes in it. That took the glass out the middle one on the left. That’s a pretty good tip right there. Woo. That’s OD out there. It’s still going. Oh, just heard it land!

Bust the glass to hit it high and straight!

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