Edwin McCain is "Ridin' With Rymer" at Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

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World famous recording artist Edwin McCain joins Charlie Rymer on “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” at Willbrook Plantation! They talk about everything from music, life, and even golf!

Today I’m at Willbrook Plantation way down on the south end of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and I’m hanging out with my good pal, singer songwriter, Edwin McCain. I’m Charlie Rymer and this is Ridin’ With Rymer.

Charlie Rymer (01:01):

So Ed, when I grew up in Fort Mill, South Carolina, I graduated Fort Mill High School in 1986. You were born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, and so both of us love this state. And the thing I wanted to talk to you about is, mostly just because I’m curious about it, I love music. My aptitude on a scale of one to 10 is zero. So I remember in the sixth grade at A.O. Jones Middle School in Fort Mill, South Carolina, everybody in the sixth grade went into the auditorium and the band director and the co-band director did this test where you clap on beat and you do a few things, right? And there’s like three kids in the entire sixth grade that were not invited to join the band and I’m one of the three. I mean, I have zero aptitude, but a hundred percent appreciation.

Edwin McCain (01:57):

Well, I feel the same way about golf so I think we’re in good company. I’m amazed at great golfers. I’m so bad at golf, but I can play music.

Charlie Rymer (02:11):

I’ve seen you play a lot of golf. I think we’ve played a few holes together, but I’ve seen you play a lot and I’m thinking some middle school in Greenville, South Carolina, the golf coach had an audition and gave everybody a golf club and everybody but you got invited.

Edwin McCain (02:27):

That’s a hundred percent true.

Charlie Rymer (02:28):

Because I mean, I love you but you suck at golf.

Edwin McCain (02:30):

Yeah, I suck. It’s golf, yeah. No, for a while there at every celebrity pro-am I was like, “Can you put me with Barkley please? Can you just put me with Barkley because that way my swing won’t look quite as crazy?”

Charlie Rymer (02:41):

All right, Edwin. I got some great golf for you today. This is Willbrook Plantation, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, way down on the bottom end of Myrtle Beach. We got a hole we’re going to start you on here. About 200 yard carry to get over that pond to the fairway and I’m betting-

Edwin McCain (02:58):

You got an-

Charlie Rymer (02:58):

… you might be lucky if you get to the pond.

Edwin McCain (03:00):

You got an extra sleeve?

Charlie Rymer (03:01):

Oh, I got plenty of Saintnine’s. We’re not going to run out.

Edwin McCain (03:04):

Oh, good. Oh, good.

Charlie Rymer (03:05):

These float too.

Edwin McCain (03:06):

Listen, I always like to play with really nice expensive balls because people get excited when they find them in the woods.

Charlie Rymer (03:12):

I think you’re going to stripe at about 305 right down the middle. Are you feeling it?

Edwin McCain (03:16):

I’m feeling it.

Charlie Rymer (03:17):

All right, let’s see it.

Edwin McCain (03:18):

I’m feeling it. Let’s see what we got.

Charlie Rymer (03:24):

Well, the good thing is you missed the water to the right.

Edwin McCain (03:28):

Good thing there’s no houses over there. That’s like gone. That’s my classic move right there.

Charlie Rymer (03:34):

You know, I don’t think there’s really any way I can fix that. Let’s go find something to do that you’re a little better at. How about that?

Edwin McCain (03:39):

Let’s do something better, let’s do something else. Yeah, no, and what’s so crazy is I love golf. Every business deal I’ve ever done, my friendships revolve around it, because if you spend time with somebody on a golf course, you’ll know who they are as a person.

Charlie Rymer (04:02):

Right, because what else are you going to do for four and a half hours with somebody? You going to go on a fun run?

Edwin McCain (04:05):

No, you know what I mean? You can totally understand how people handle adversity or if they have a good sense of humor. I mean, all that stuff comes out on a golf course.

Charlie Rymer (04:16):

Most of the meaningful relationships that I have in my life have somehow, some way been tied into golf, and most all business is tied into it. And I think that’s why a ton of golfers, they want to get young people involved in golf because they see the doors that it can open for them and the relationships that they can make and that, to me, is the coolest thing about golf is just it brings people together. So Edwin, tell me about this guitar that you’re holding.

Edwin McCain (04:49):

So it’s made by a guy in Charlotte named Gray Burchett but what’s interesting is that the wood is mahogany that Johnny Cash smuggled out of Jamaica in 1971. It was sitting in a barn in Nashville and a friend of mine called me and said, “I got a line in on this mahogany. We’re going to build some guitars out of it. Do you want one?” “Yes, yes, I do.”

Charlie Rymer (05:19):

Well, I got to tell you one thing. You sure look a lot more comfortable with that guitar than you did with that driver out on the golf course at Willbrook today.

Edwin McCain (05:27):

I could probably hit it farther with this guitar, too, honestly.

Charlie Rymer (05:31):

Well, you know my favorite song is Gramercy Park. Will you do me the honor?



Edwin McCain (05:34):

Good shot.



Charlie Rymer (08:25):

Edwin McCain, ladies and gentlemen. I think that works a little better than the driver.

Edwin McCain (08:27):

Yeah, let’s just put that away.

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