Putting Advice from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy

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In this video tutorial, Frank Bianco of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. walks us through the paces of a proper putting setup routine.


Frank Bianco:
My name is Frank Bianco and I’m an instructor here at the Steve Dresser Golf Academy. And I’m also a certified Edel Putter Fitter. Typically, when a lot of amateurs come through the school, the common mistake they do make is lining themselves up the same way every time. So I do a lot of putter fittings as well, and typically, if I’m doing a putter fitting for somebody, they don’t necessarily need a new putter, they just need more of a way to get in to their shot on a consistent basis.

So, what we do here through the Edel Fitting, we use lasers and a little mirror on our putter to figure out where you’re aiming your putter. So, typically what I’ll see is people just jumping into their setup, and just not the same way every time. Shoulders could be left, shoulders could be right. Typically, we get a lot of left-hand low putters that willl just pretty much be aiming way right of the hole. So, when we’re getting into our routine and getting into our shot, try to be a little bit more methodical in setting the putter down. I’m cheating here a little bit because I do have the laser set up, so I know I’m aimed perfectly at the hole, and the right loft as well. So, what a lot of people don’t realize is loft of the putter matters as well, as far as getting that ball off to a good roll.

So, my typical way of getting in is setting the putter head down first, and creating a 90-degree angle here. So then, I can work my way into this setup, creating some lines and some checkpoints for myself. So, if you are having trouble with short putts from six feet and in, that’s really where you’re going to have some troubles with your alignment. So, just check your routine, use some mirrors at home, making sure that you’re doing the same thing every time, and you’re going to get some more consistent results as well.

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