Trail Hole Spotlight: No. 4 at True Blue Golf Club

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Just when you think you survived its adventurous par-3 3rd hole, the very next hole at True Blue Golf Club makes you buckle up just as tight from tee to green. Join us for a guided tour of this magnificent par 5!



True Blue Golf Club

Hole No. 4 – Par 5

 Gold – 548 Yards

Blue – 523 Yards

White – 493 Yards

Black – 438 Yards

Green – 417 Yards

Favor the right center of the fairway on your drive. If you’re a big hitter, you can favor the left center. This should leave an approach to the green of 210 yards.

Layup shots should be made to the narrow neck in front of the green. Your approach needs to avoid the deep pot bunker on the right.

The green slopes severely from right to left; balls can run off the back left if you’re not careful. The percentages make this a three-shot hole. Good luck!

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