Trail Tip: Fix Your Slice with This 4-Tee Drill

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Sean “The Beast” Fister of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, S.C. is here to demonstrate how and why his “4-Tee Drill” is an effective means of helping to cure the dreaded slice.



Sean Fister:
My favorite drill to help people stop slicing the ball. This is so effective. It’s called the 4-Tee Drill. So you take four tees, you put one here, one there, one here, and one here.

So when you look down, it looks like a top of a dice where you got five. All right. So what you do, you take this tee out and this tee out. Your goal is when you swing this club that you avoid hitting that tee on the way back and the way down. And then this tee, if you’re a slicer, you’re going to hit this tee every time. What we want you to do is not hit those tees. So when you hit those tees, your club’s going to be traveling down the line instead of when you come over the top, you cut across, you’re going to hit that tee every time.

So if you can do that and keep your head behind the ball, which is going to help you square the face, you get set up, you take the club back, drop, turn, roll the forearms, and extend. You’re going to swing out that way, head back. It looks something like this. Folks that’s right down the gut, and it is not slicing!

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