Trail Tip: Wedge Fitting Guidance from Steve Dresser Golf Academy

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Frank Bianco from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. tells you how he can get you into the right set of wedges from Edel. Give them a call and get fit today!



Frank Bianco:

Welcome to Steve Dresser Golf Academy. My name is Frank Bianco, and I’m a master Edel fitter here at the academy, which pretty much fits all the Edel putter line and new for this year, well, last year and this year is their wedge line.

So a little bit about the wedge line that came out. I’m capable of fitting multiple different shafts and just trying to help people understand what they need and want out of a wedge, whether you’re hitting a full shot with this wedge or just little shots around the greens. Now, the coolest thing with these Edel wedges are basically, we have… offer four different grinds. We offer a C grind, a T grind, a V grind, and a D grind. And all that really means to you guys is that from the C grind to the D grind, just more bounce than this.

So typical, I fit a gentleman today who takes a lot of divot, so he… we opted for a D grind, which will help you push the turf away. This design here, really… I don’t know if you can focus in on something like that. You get a lot of heel and toe relief out of this wedge. And I believe the coolest thing of this, not to mention the design and the grinds, is the fact that we can now move weights around in these wedges. So if I just take this off here, pop this little eight gram weight, I can move this. There’s three weighting ports here, so now I can adjust this wedge like I adjust a driver for you guys. So if you have trouble shutting the face, well, I just can move the move, the heavier weight into the heel. You can shut it.

Now, if you got trouble hooking your wedges… Well, typically that’s what most people will do, they’re a little steep and they love to shut the face. So typically fit-wise, for a 58- or 60-degree wedge, I’m putting these weights in the toe, which will act as a shallowing effect for you guys and keep the face open. So if you’re having trouble getting your wedge through the turf, it feels a little sticky, we can fit you into the grind. And then if you’re having trouble controlling the face around the green, either shutting it too much or it’s too open, we can fix that up for you guys. It’s just a matter of finding the right grind, finding the right weight placement, and the shafts, that’s real easy. Just a little feedback from you guys on what you want to do.

But the biggest benefit of these guys is being able to move that weight around really, really helps you control the face around the green. And that’s your gateway to lower scores!

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