Video Tip: A Simply Way to Help Your Putting Alignment

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In this video tip, Frank Bianco from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows you how to use a great tool that will help you with your putting alignment.


Frank Bianco:
How are we doing folks? My name is Frank Bianco and I’m one of the instructors down here at the Steve Dresser Golf Academy here at True Blue Golf Club. Today, I’m going to share a little toy with you that we like to play with here, courtesy of our friends at Eyeline Golf. It is basically for proper eye alignment over the golf ball.

I see a lot of people trying to struggle to align … get their putters lined up square to the ball. This little toy here, what we have here is just their simple eye-line mirror. Plus, we actually have a straight line plus another mirror in the distance there to see exactly where our eyes lie over the golf ball. This little toy here, if we are standing too far inside this ball, we’re going to start to see this red line reflection to the left of the mirror.

And then if we’re too far over, we’re going to see the reflection on the opposite side of the mirror. See, the thing is when our eyes are too far inside the golf ball, we tend to aim to the right. And then if we are too far over, we tend to aim to the left. This little beauty right here, once we get ourselves lined up square and we make that line disappear, then I can check that my eyes, in fact, are over the golf ball and in perfect position to make more putts.

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