Video Tip: Body Rotation in the Takeaway

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In this video demonstration, Steve Dresser of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows how you can achieve proper body rotation in the golf swing. He’s got a simple drill you can practice to reinforce the right technique!



Steve Dresser:

One of the things we see a lot in our golf schools and private lessons is the lateral or swaying movement of the lower body on the back swing. The irony is, as you shift your lower body to the right, your upper body actually goes to the left. It creates reverse spine tilt. So from here, I’m either just going to be able to stand here and wait for the club. In all likelihood, I’m going to come over the top, get way steep and on the outside, I might even move farther ahead of the ball.

So one of the things I do to help people keep from sliding or swaying the lower body, first, I’m going to look at the setup. If they’re kind of open, their right side’s basically in their own way. So they’re going to have to shift rather than turn to get there. So we’ll make sure they’re squared up. They may even feel a little closed, almost as if their chest and belt buckle or pointed over to their right, even though hopefully they’re not. Just again, it’s what it feels like versus what’s really happening. So this opens up a little more room over here. And notice my spine. It’s tilted slightly to the right. So all I have to do is maintain a little bit of that rightward spine tilt, and I’m not going to sway my hips. Because see, as soon as I sway, there goes the spine the other way. So just a little bit of rightward spine tilt for the right-handed player. If I maintain that, see I’m turning my upper body over my right side. If I try to let the lower body shift over there, the upper body can’t ever catch up to it.

So a little bit of rightward spine tilt, just maintain it, and it should help you feel a good turn over your right leg. A simple little drill I like to do. Get in your golf posture, take your left thumb if you’re right-handed, and put it right in your sternum, and stay in posture, and just turn until your elbow points out in front of you, or at least at about a 60 degree angle in here. So the upper body … There is a guy named Jackie Burke, a wonderful, well-known instructor down at the Champions in Houston, I believe, and he used to say, “You don’t shift your weight in the golf swing, you turn your weight in the golf swing.” I like that.

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