Video Tip: Fixing a Common Power Leak

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The reverse pivot is a common source of lost power with the driver, and a three-time World Long Drive Champion is here to help you fix it! Sean “The Beast” Fister of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach shows us a simple fix that, when done correctly, will have you hitting bombs off the tee in no time!



Sean Fister:
Hi, I’m Sean “The Beast” Fister from the Dustin Johnson Golf School. Today I want to cover a power leak that’s pretty common, and it’s called the reverse pivot. The reverse pivot, and I know a lot of people know what that is, but just to explain it, reverse pivot is when people take the club back and their hips slide back and their head stays up front and then coming back down, the hips go forward. What that does is it causes a steep downswing. When you have that steep downswing, you end up turning the shoulder over and cutting across the ball.

To fix the reverse pivot, the first thing you need to do, get set up to the ball, turn your left shoulder over your right knee, right there. That fixes it. It’s cured. That’s all you have to do. You set up, left shoulder over the right knee. Now, all you have to do is unwind and stay there and you’ll hit the ball clean and you’ll hit a bomb!

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