Video Tip from Steve Dresser Golf Academy: The Right Side Bend of Your Downswing

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In this tip, Stuart Clark of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows us how “compressing” the ball is created by the proper mechanics. He’s here to demonstrate how the back shoulder works toward that purpose in the golf swing.


Stuart Clark:
How are you doing guys? My name’s Stuart Clark. Today we’re going to talk about the right side bend in your downswing. A lot of times I see my clients wanting to create lag, or they’re like, “How do you compress the ball?”, and they think it’s an angle that you can hold. It’s nothing that is held, it’s created by the right mechanics.

Today we’re going to talk about the right shoulder going to the ball to impact, and what people don’t believe, if I were to hold this club up to my right shoulder, the right shoulder is actually working down to the golf ball. You can tell I’ve got a club down here to kind of mimic my right shoulder at impact, you notice how the club face is really nice and controlled moving into the ball.

I’ve got a ball on the tee, just something you could do at home just to understand how the body is working in the golf shot, because if we want to have lag, we have to have this right shoulder a little bit lower than our left. What will it look like? I’m going to do the drill where I set up here, I get down, you see how I’m kind of getting into that ball, right shoulder bend. I’m just going to drop, I’m going to go super easy, just nice and easy, I’m going to feel that right bend, I’m going to hit it, and just work on that right side bend for your Tip Tuesday. Thank you.

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