Video Tip: Gaining Consistency in Your Putting Setup

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Who wants “good” when you can have “great”? In this video tip, Allen Terrell of the Dustin Johnson Golf School at TPC Myrtle Beach shows us how to achieve great consistency in your putting setup in this quick video tip!



Here’s a great drill for putting to make sure that your setup is consistent. Probably with putting, a consistent setup is more important than anything else. To be the best putter you can be is to make sure we’re a proper distance from the ball each time. If you like to be a little bit open, a little bit closed, that’s a preference thing, but the distance from the ball, if that changes and we’re trying to get our eye line the right space inside or on the line, whatever you’re trying to do, that can change how much you bend or not bend.

Just take two alignment sticks and lay one down for your toe line. And then once you’ve found the proper distance, whatever that is, it’s going to be again based on what makes your stroke perform the best, put a little mark there. And then each time when you go out and putt, you can take these two alignment sticks and now we don’t need this one anymore.

Set up with your toes again. If you like to pull back, that’s fine. But I always like for people to start square and then if they want to pull a foot back, they can. And then get your proper eye line, whatever that’s going to be, either inside on the line. Again, that’s based on your height.

This is a really simple drill. If every time before you start practice putting you just do a little bit of these keys for your set up, you’re going to be a much more consistent putter.

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