Video Tip: How to Hit a Draw

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In this video tip, Stuart Clark of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows us a training method by which you can properly learn how to hit a draw.



Stuart Clark:
Hey guys. My name’s Stuart Clark and I am one of the lead instructors here at the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club. As you see right here, I just hit a shot around these pool noodles. I have set up a little play station or practice area here to promote a draw bias ball flight path. The one thing I’d like for all players to know, the golf ball never lies to us. What you see the ball curvature is what the face, the path, all that is telling us what we’re doing in our golf swing.

So what we do is when you go out and you want to work on trying to create a curvature of ball flight that you want, you can go out with something as simple as pool noodles, put out in front of you just like there’s a tree in front of me. So it’s going to promote this ball flight or the path of the club, moving more from the inside to get the ball started right, with the face being a little bit close to that path to create that draw bias path.

That way your brain can kind of understand what we’re trying to do. A lot of people have patterns in their swing that promotes, you know, cross. You wouldn’t try to hit the ball right of that with an over-the-top swing path. So this is just promoting, trying to get the ball right, turning back to the left.

And once again, it’s just as simple as two pool noodles and a couple alignment sticks just to kind of make sure you structure your practice habits to hit a nice little push draw.

That’s your tip for today, thank you.

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